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  • Dawn Chau

We all need a bidet these days!

With all the toilet paper hoarding going on, the time has come to convert all naysayers over to the bidet. 

My favorite analogy I ever heard, and I think it was from Kohler, was, “Do you wash your muddy car with a dry towel?”  I’ve been specifying Toto bidets for over 15 years.  My clients that have them, love them.  It was my one thing I wanted in our new home.  We are one of the few countries where bidets are not a common fixture in households (or some version).  Now that there’s a shortage in TP, this is the one thing that gets business done with far fewer squares.  And ladies, during your moon cycle this is so nice to have.  Not to mention perks like a warm seat to rest your bottom on.  Or the seat that auto lifts when the men in our lives approach (if only it would put it down).  Even the built-in night light is a nice feature. 

So what do you need to know?  While all the luxury models need electrical (to warm and pump the water, heat the seat and lift it), not all seats do.  The ones that don’t require electricity are super easy to install and this one gets good reviews.  If you’d like to have all those awesome perks, it’s generally pretty easy for an electrician to pull power from somewhere nearby.  I prefer these to be on their own circuit but it’s not required. 

So what is my favorite company? Toto!  We are not in Kansas anymore…give it a try!