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  • Shantel Wolfe

Create a Zen-Like Interior

There are a few ways a home can feel upon entry—cozy, exciting or sometimes, like a breath of fresh air. Cozy vibes conjure visions of hygge sheepskin and woven tapestries. Exciting entryways can have a pop of colorful modern art or a knick-knack from that thrift store down the street. But zen homes make us think of minimalism and organization, a home that makes you feel connected to the earth—no matter if you reside in a high-rise or farmhouse. For those of you who like your space to feel like the latter, follow along with some of our favorite ways to incorporate more zen into your space.

Inspired by traditional Japanese design and Buddhist practice, a zen home is focused around a world view called wabi-sabi. The term and overall design aesthetic is defined as “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” This brings to mind a sense of functionality, a kind of unfinished perfection. The kind of home where you can roll out of bed and head straight to the yoga mat (without tripping over unnecessary furniture or decor).

The lotus flower represents purity and the power it takes to bloom while living in its environment of mud. Keep that same reminder around and make your space seem larger by bringing visitors eyes up to this gorgeous Currey and Company lotus pendant.

We saw this Japanese soaking tub in this spacious and naturally lit bathroom. It got us searching for one and we found this version from Signature Hardware. Add teak accents, like a bath mat, to complement the look.

This modern and multi-functional futon is fun for a minimal living area. It can be converted into a sofa or bed. It’s super easy to transport from room to room making it easy to tuck away while still being available for use when a guest visits.

Floor cushions are a perfect no-fuss seating addition to your meditation space or bedroom. They can easily be stored under furniture or stacked in a neat pile.

This living plant wall is a great way to incorporate a bit of nature into the home as well as a stunning art piece sure to be a central focal point in any room. You can add air purifying plants to help improve indoor air quality such as these. If you do have outdoor space, a garden doesn’t have to live outside and for those of you living without outdoor space, try an indoor meditation garden. Think of it as a sandbox for adults. Running your fingers through the sand inspires imagination and incorporating greenery in the form of easy-to-keep succulents connects you back to the earth. If you have outdoor space keep a Buddha in your garden, but make sure it faces your house for abundance.

"Want more inspiration? Check out Paradigm Designer’s Pinterest board, "Trending: A Zen Home."

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