Questions & Answers

How much do your interior design services cost?

I charge a flat fee based on your project that way you know exactly how much my services will cost. This allows us to complete the job without you having to watch the clock; no one likes surprises when it comes to money. The actual items you purchase are additional but will be within your budget that we discuss at the beginning of your project.

How can I visualize the space with the completed end result?

My clients have a tremendous amount of faith in me, but with samples of materials and a step-by-step consultation, you'll get a clear vision quickly.

How long will the process take?

There's some lead-time required when ordering furniture and fabrics. But because I'll strive to help you plan your new space well, we'll know what time is required within the very early part of the new space planning process. I work with your schedule too. And that allows me to be efficient in our planning.

Are you taking on NEW clients?

With so many renovations performed on homes, I am busy. However your goal is to create that special sense of place, so above all, I'd like to review your project.

Do you work in a specific area?

I am based in Denver and New York City but have worked in other states as well.

How does purchasing furniture or fabric, lighting fixtures, wall coverings, plumbing and tile, benefit me when I purchase these materials through an interior designer?

I find fixtures and materials that are of the highest quality, only available to the trade, that are truly unique as opposed to items offered through retail channels. My design resources allow us to explore the most creative design options possible. In addition, If you purchase these items through my sources I am able to offer you a discount from 5-30% off retail. This is not to be confused with big-box stores where I cannot offer a discount. My resources offer a huge array of product choices and competitive pricing available only to the trade.

How do you find my style?

I find clues that lead to your style by studying your lifestyle. And I encourage you to show me what inspires you. I've learned that with the right amount of exploration, there is a perfect fit and a perfect style for you and your project. Images out of magazines are also a great place to start. So, together we'll learn what you are passionate about most.

Do you only work in a certain style?

No. My goal is to bring out your own personal style. However, I'm often asked what my own style is and I can tell you, I like to revel in transitional styles where there is an opportunity to mix many styles and elements together creating an eclectic and unique space.

What are some of your design influences?

Patterns, colors and imagery from around the world strongly influence my work along with the patterns from nature. For example, the texture of a very old tree trunk juxtaposes so well with the vibrant blue calm of the nearby lake. I view design as a harmony of imagery and colors brought together by the laws of irrefutable beauty.

Do you have favorite materials that you prefer to work with?

I enjoy working with Natural products. Whenever possible or appropriate I explore the use of sustainable items because of their positive impact on the environment. There are a growing number of beautiful green products however I use what is most appropriate for the project and what the client prefers in order to create the best design integration.

Do you work with old homes? Or new homes, or both?

Both. I enjoy the cleanliness of lines in a new loft space — it's like a blank canvas — highly flexible and waiting to be filled with ideas. And an old home is surrounded in so much tradition — the goal is to update the home and maintain its inherently beautiful character. It's wonderful to work with a space that has a strong history, because I can develop designs that compliment that history.